About myself

Photographer, Student [Kinologisch Gedragstherapie] and dog- and Golden retriever fan. That’s how I would describe myself. Im active in many areas of the world of dogs, and therefore, I get to experience a lot of different things.



My name is Sanne Hazeveld and im in my second year of my study to become a behavioural therapist for dogs. The Knowledge that I acquire during my study is used not only for photography, but also to breed this wonderful breed, the Golden Retriever. Socialization, the dogs physique and the different ways of training are a key aspect of my study. These are things that I can then use when working with pups, since I can recognise the signals that they give.

I’ve chosen for the Golden Retriever because it meets all the expectations that our family is looking for, a good buddy, a dog that likes to work, and not to forget, a great heater for your feet. When we choose to go for a family dog we didn’t know Evy was going to bring it to the next level. Where we are, she is, and preferably on top of our feet or lying right next to you. She’s a perfect fit for our family and is irreplaceable.