Host family

Once in a while a pup is born that really benefits the kennel. These pups can be born in the kennel or come from other breeders. We are looking for families that are willing to take in a dog that will be used in breeding, to make sure that each dog gets the right amount of care and attention. The dog shall be a part of the family and will live with the family. Excursive with the dog is preferred, which sport this will be is up to the family. On paper, the breeder is the owner of the dog and the family is co-owner. This means that the family will get the dog from the breeder, and that the family will pay the expenses connected to a regular family dog, such as food and dog training. The breeder will pay the expenses that are related to breeding, such as the health tests and the shows. For the veterinary care the dog will be insured, of which the costs will be payed by both the family and the breeder. Injections, castration and funeral will be expenses for the family.



When the dog is not fit for breeding or is retiring, the full ownership will go to the family, and the breeder will no longer pay for the veterinary care of the dog.

This does not only include puppies born within the dutch coast, its an option in which the breeder and the family can come into agreement with upon choosing a pup that is suitable to breed with and in which the family shows an interest. When someone buys a pup from us, he or she becomes the owner, unless other arrangements have been made. There is a different contract for becoming a host family.

To summarize:

Are you interested in becoming a host family for The Dutch Coast? Contact us with the use of the contact form. Make sure to register your place of residence and preference for male/female.