The Kennel

On august 2012 Evy, also known as Ella v. d. Dalemhoeve, was added to our family, our first dog. The decision to get a Golden Retriever wasn’t hard to make. They have great looks and great character that fitted well into our daily lives. We wanted a social dog that likes to go out and do stuff with their boss, but also a dog that just as happily takes a nap on the couch of a couple days. Our dog also had to get along well with cats, and since it was our first dog, not be too hard to control.

When we went to get Evy, we were asked if we were interested to participate in a dog show with her, this wasn’t a problem. And so, on the 3rd of November 2012 she participated in the puppyclass of the show in Bleijswijk. In the meantime, I came into contact with more and more Golden owners, and with that the question if I was going to participate in the New-Years show. So in January 2013 we participated in another show with Evy, and she really enjoyed it, we started thinking if it wouldn’t be nice to let her have a litter once.



Eventually, these plans became reality when we started testing Evy and requested a name for our kennel. Thinking of a name for our kennel was pretty hard, the name had to be unique among all the breeders of dogs all around the world. In order to prevent any confusion in the lineage of a dog. After some time we came up with the name “The Dutch Coast”. This name doesn’t only refer to the place on the coast where the kennel is located, but also to the love for water that is inherent in Golden Retrievers and Evy’s favourite place to go for a walk; the beach. The name was a perfect fit and, on the 17th of july 2013 the name was recognised by the [Raad van Beheer]. In 2015 we managed not to have one, but two dreams to become reality, not only did Evy give birth to a litter of two, but we were also able to keep one of her daughters. She bears the name Eve’s Kiss from The Dutch Coast “Cato” and hopefully she will once give birth to a litter of her own here at The Dutch Coast.