Name: Cheek to Cheek Ordinary Love

Call name: Maddie

Nick name: Muddie, Madsie, Muppet

Owner: S.E.I. Hazeveld

Father: Cheek to Cheek Make Me Wanna Die

Mother: Cheek to Cheek I Feel Love

Date of birth: 17-06-2018

Breeder: Marie-Alplais del Moral

Hips: A

Elbows: 0-1 (LPC suspected)

Eyes: clear (01-06-2022)

PRA 1: clear (N/N)

PRA 2: clear (N/N)

Ichthyose: carrier (N/n)

Height: 54 cm

Weight: 29,4 kg

Maddie is in breed

Maddie is a happy and very active girl. She’s attentive to us and loves to please, mostly herself now she lost her ears. The best way to discribe Maddie is as a “hyperactive jar of glue”. She’s always sticking to us, to give us hugs and kisses, but at the same time, she’s jumping, wiggeling and busy exploring. We are the breeder Marie-Alplais del Moral (Cheek to Cheek) very thankful for this special girl, we can’t think our little pack of girls without her!