Eve’s Kiss from The Dutch Coast


Pedigreename: Eve’s Kiss from The Dutch Coast

Call name: Cato

Nick names: To, Tootie & Catootje

Father: Ch. Snowjar’s Wellington Dumelow

Mother: Ella v.d. Dalemhoeve

Date of birth: 23-06-2015

Breeder: T. Hazeveld

Hips: HD A Norbergwaarde 40

Elbows: 0:0 (free)

Eyes: clear for now (until 19-06-2020)

PRA 1: carrier (N/n)

PRA 2: free (N/N)

Ichthyose: carrier (N/n)

Hight: 55 cm

Weight: 30,5 kilo

Cato is in breed.

Our sweet, sensitive and soft cuddler. Shes always happy and excited. Cato is an irreplaceable dog with a golden character! A dream come true, the daughter of Evy. She already shows a lot of potential for her age, both working and on show. She loves everything in the whole wide world, kids, adults, dogs, other animals; nothing that she doesn’t adore. With her sweet character she approaches everything with a wagging tail and then lies down on the ground to carefully greet whatever drew her attention. Every new puppy in the park gets to meet and know Cato!

Cato and I are very actice in gundog training! She loves being active and working for me. Sometimes I trow a frisbee for her, which she really likes, but she’s not a good catcher. She doesn’t care very much about behavioural exercises. She wants to run and dash. Because of this she sometimes needs to be slowed down a little in all het enthusiasm. Cause on her young age not everything is allowed. Cato is very focussed on her boss, so when she’s old enough we’re planning on doing a lot with her. Currently Cato is still too young and therefore she doesn’t have any litters yet. When she’s old enough we’ll have her tested. But for now she can just enjoy being a young dog and grow up to be a healthy and stable companion!