Litter plans

All pups born with us will grow up in the living room and meet the demands set by the Raad van Beheer and the Golden Retrever Club Netherlands (GRCN), we are also a member of the latter. All pups will be treated for worms, vaccinated and will head out to their new owners together with the necessary papers and a special puppy package. Even after the pups have left the litter we like to stay in touch with the new owners in order to help them with the upbringing. According to new law, pups that will go and live abroad have to be vaccinated against Rabies and wait for the required 21 days. Because of these regulations we cannot let pups younger than fifteen months go abroad. We find this regrettable, but we can’t change the law. We will do our utmost best to socialize and train the dogs that will stay with us for longer than usual and these dogs, just like our other dogs, will live with us in the living room.





We don’t have any plans for the upcoming years. Please keep our website and our Facebook page in mind for any news!