Cato loves to learn things and to do stuff with her owner. With her always happy and carefree character she continually bounces around you. Because of this, she doesn’t always follow you perfectly, but it does make a lot of people laugh. It doesn’t matter what you ask of Cato, she will do it for you. She will do everything with the same dedication and always wagging her tail, as long as she can do something fun with her owner. It doesn’t matter what the activity is!

You will find the by Cato acquired results down here:


Date Show Class Result
7th November 2015 Dogshow Bleiswijk Minor puppy 2th – Promising
22th November 2015 Kastanjeshow GRCN Minor Puppy Promising
11th December 2015 Holland Cup Minor Puppy 4th – Promising
17th January 2016 Nieuwjaarsshow GRCN Puppy N. A.
22th May 2016 Jachthondenshow Youth Excellent
2th July 2016 Zomershow GRCN Youth 3th – Excellent
3th July 2016 Kampioensclubmatch GRCN Youth Very Good
8th July 2017 Nieuwjaarsshow GRCN Intermediate Excellent
25th February 2017 Dogshow Schaal der Kempen Intermediate Very Good
19th March 2017 Dogshow Leiden Intermediate 2th – Very Good
25th May 2017 Kampioensclubmatch GRCN Tussen Very Good
27th August 2017 Clubmatch KVVP Breeders 1th – BOB – BIG – BIS 6

Hunting trails

Date Trial Level Result
12th March 2017 Pink Workingtest C 13th – 72/100
27th May 2017 Clubdiplomadag Heerle C 5th – 42/50
25th June 2017 Clubdiplomadag Simonshaven C 3th – 45/50
22th October 2017 Workingtest Simonshaven C 8th – 66/100
3th December 2017 Workingtest St. Oedenrode C 5th – 77/100
15th September 2018 SJP Dongen GRCN C n.a. – 39/50

 Cato apport PWT


Date Course Result
August – September 2015 Socialisation course Passed
September – October 2015 Puppycourse Passed
October 2015 – April 2016 Novice Obedience Passed
January – February 2017 Novice Workingdog Passed
March – May 2017 Novice Gundog training Passed
May – September 2017 Gundog Training – C Passed
September – now Gundog Training – C/B

Kop foto Cato

Other Activities

Date Activity Kind Result
9th December 2015 Balans & Coördination Workshop n.a.
29th June 2016 Gundog training Training n.a.
22th August 2016 Bakjes & Krukjes Workshop n.a.
4th March 2017 Jacht Workshop n.a.
25th May 2017 Fokdag I – Keuring n.a. Very Good
25th May 2017 Fokdag I – Shooting test n.a. Excellent
25th May 2017 Fokdag I – Behavioral test n.a. Passed