Welcome to our website! The Dutch Coast is a small homely kennel in Hellevoetsluis, South Holland, that,  every once in a while, has a litter of Golden Retrievers. The Dutch Coast refers to the coast of the Netherlands, where the puppies are born. It also refers to the love for water that is characteristic for […]

Host family

Host family Once in a while a pup is born that really benefits the kennel. These pups can be born in the kennel or come from other breeders. We are looking for families that are willing to take in a dog that will be used in breeding, to make sure that each dog gets the […]

About myself

About myself Photographer, Student [Kinologisch Gedragstherapie] and dog- and Golden retriever fan. That’s how I would describe myself. Im active in many areas of the world of dogs, and therefore, I get to experience a lot of different things.     My name is Sanne Hazeveld and im in my second year of my study […]

The kennel

The Kennel On august 2012 Evy, also known as Ella v. d. Dalemhoeve, was added to our family, our first dog. The decision to get a Golden Retriever wasn’t hard to make. They have great looks and great character that fitted well into our daily lives. We wanted a social dog that likes to go […]

Kennel methods

Kennel Methods   All puppies born at The Dutch Coast shall grow up in the living room, We have cats, so the pups will get to meet these at a young age. A lot of effort is put into socializing the pups in and out of the litter. To the groomer, the dog school, visit […]